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Senne De Valck, Software Engineer

by neoScores

Senne is a member of the development team

The instruments you currently play: I played the cello for a year but switched to piano two years ago.

Favorite musical moment: Netsky’s live set at Pukkelpop Festival in 2012. Was an amazing live set with a great atmosphere.

Movie with the best soundtrack: The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Need I say more?

The music you listen to on the way to work: Night Rider Playlist by Spotify. The perfect playlist for my daily commute.

What’s your favorite Gustaf feature: I don’t have a specific feature in mind… To me it’s the overall experience of having all of my own scores digitally available on all of my devices. From now on, no more paper for me.

Pitching what started out as a line of code

Every year a delegation of the neoScores team attends the Frankfurter Musikmesse, the biggest trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music and music production in Europe. When we launched the Gustaf Store and App in February 2016, it was up to our sales team to go present it to the world and get both publishers and customers excited to dive into digital scores.

Although the development team had just spent months on developing Gustaf, pitching the product was generally not our responsibility. Nevertheless, with Frankfurt being a mere four hour drive, the entire development team decided to tag along and get a sense of the vibes at the Musikmesse.

I was positively surprised about the magnitude of this event. There were so many publishers, tech companies, ... In the same hall where we had our Gustaf booth, we could see (and try out) new editions of production material, instruments, apps, etc. It gave me some insight in the process of sales and business development and it was fascinating to see what happens after a line of code turns into a real product and gets launched, like we had just done with Gustaf.

Road tripping with the team

Spending a day with the team outside of the office was a welcome bonus after having worked on the product launch for so long. When you’re sitting in the same building every day, in the same rhythm of working, it’s nice to take a step back and see things from a different perspective. Different surroundings are motivating, and who doesn’t like to go on a nice road trip?

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