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Hans Vereyken, Software Engineer

by neoScores

Hans has been around since the very start of neoScores

The instruments you currently play: piano, voice, organ

The instruments you would like to play: french horn

Who would be your musical best friend: Mendelssohn and Brahms

If you could delete any artist or composer from music history, who would it be: No way! I would never do that!

If you could bring any deceased artist or composer back to life, who would it be: Bach. He has to finish his 'Die Kunst der Fuge.'

The music you listen to on the way to work: Silence, as much as possible.

Singing on a stage or singing in the shower: On stage, of course.

The beauty of not having to choose

People always hope to make a living out of their hobby. I got even luckier. I had two hobbies and got to combine them in my job at neoScores. Being a software engineer, working on Gustaf, is the perfect hybrid between music, my first love, and technology. What I do on a daily basis is connected to one or both, and I have the opportunity to be in creative in either aspect.

Music, however, was how I met Bob, technical founder of neoScores, who convinced me to jump on board. He joined the choir I sang in and we quickly bonded through our shared love of technology. At this point, there was no company yet and the product was still in its infancy. Yet, I was intrigued and joined the team shortly after.

Experiencing the creation of Gustaf

As one of the first neoScores team members, I've been lucky enough to see the code base grow, to see people playing music with Gustaf and receive our first user feedback, to collaborate with a large group of very diverse colleagues and work towards a better product to make life for musicians easier. On top of that, I believe that my own experience as a musician has helped putting new feature ideas on the roadmap that have positively impacted our product.

Managing the development team during the day, singing cantatas and playing organ at night or on weekends; my life has always been organized around the balance between music and technology and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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