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Aymeric Baur, Software Engineer

by neoScores

Aymeric alternates between the store team and the development team at neoScores

Who would be your musical best friend: Probably Jacques Brel, or maybe Claude Debussy for their culture.

If you could delete any artist or composer from music history, who would it be: For the sake of hypothesis, Mozart or Beethoven. It would be interesting to hear the kind of music that western composers would have produced without these important figures in history! This would have changed the game for sure.

Would you rather listen to 12 hours of the Pachelbel Canon or watch the whole Ring Trilogy by Wagner back to back: Let's get crazy… Sign me up for the 12 hours and play that damned canon. But watch out when I am free again.

If you could bring any deceased artist or composer back to life, who would it be: Johann Sebastian Bach. I'd like to ask him how to play his music so all musicologists can stop fighting and move on.

What's your favorite Gustaf feature: Offline scores! It's super useful and always amazes my friends when I demonstrate the app.

Singing on a stage or singing in the shower: Definitely in the shower, and people will thank me for that.

From music QA to full-time developer

Originally from France, I came to work at neoScores after an unsolicited application. I had heard about Gustaf, looked at the product and realized that there was a chance that I could combine my love for music and my interest in technology (something my colleague Hans has also talked about). I initially got hired as a music engraving specialist, checking the quality of the scores, but I quickly joined the development team in supporting tasks wherever possible.

The first feature I got to develop myself was the transposing chord boxes for guitar pieces. I had just gotten used to the code and I had done a lot of research, both musically and technically. Seeing the deploy of this new feature was exciting and it got me motivated to tackle more projects. My favorite so far must have been the new fingering annotations for piano, guitar and string instruments. As someone without a formal education in computer science, it truly felt like a victory.

Flexibility as a way of inspiring the process

Recently we’ve introduced Gustaf Time. Similar to the concept at Google, every neoScores employee gets to spend up to two hours per week on personal projects, reading up on tech blogs or anything we are passionate about but can’t find time for. As long as it is somehow related to music or tech, we can block out time to get creative and inspired. Right now I’m using my Gustaf Time to build a tool and automate the process of data handling. It’ll save us a lot of time when we receive data files from our publishers.

Gustaf Time is a perfect example of what I have appreciated the most during my time at neoScores; freedom and innovation. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of flexibility, in many aspects. When I joined the team as the only non-Dutch speaker at the office, all official communication switched immediately to English. But on a more fundamental degree, I’ve been lucky to receive a level of trust which allows me to keep learning, discover different parts of our code base and collaborate efficiently with the rest of the development team.

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