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A new year, a slightly new team!

by Bart Van der Roost

As neoScores has grown from a great idea to a fine company, it was time to adjust the organization of the company. Our goal is to be the preferred partner of the sheet music publishers and at the same time offer the best digital experience to musicians. We felt that in order to grow the company further, we need a different type of leadership.

We have been very fortunate to have the right man for the job in our team. Peter Leclercq has been neoScores’ COO for over a year will lead the company into this next phase as CEO, with the full support of our Board of Directors and founders. Meanwhile, Bart Van der Roost will remain involved in the company as a co-founder and focus his efforts on strategic business development.

So, what will 2017 have in store?

We have so many plans it would take us too long to disclose them all. But rest assured, we continually listen to your feedback and strive to create the best digital music score reader, including all the features you have been longing for. Read the full story on the Gustaf website here.

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