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We help musicians make beautiful music with digital scores.

Regardless of age, level, background and instrument, we aim to make playing music as easy and trouble-free as possible. Start discovering new works, and forget the hassle of loose sheets and missing pages.


What is Gustaf?

Gustaf is a product of neoScores and offers both an online store and web application enabling you to buy and use digital sheet music securely and legally. The Gustaf Store contains a music collection of more than 150,000 scores from various publishers. These scores are interactive and can be edited on every device or operating system, in our app. The application offers an array of features to improve the experience of performing music. For instance, there are various view tools (mark, zoom, edit, notes, transpose, etc.), a metronome function, tuning device, etc. The Gustaf app works both online and offline. It is available for any web browser and iOS and Android devices. This way you have access to your scores at any time, wherever you are.




You don’t need to have a band, a studio or an audience to be a musician; it starts with you and your instrument. We provide the score, you provide the music.

  • You can choose and purchase your sheet music in our Gustaf store.
  • You can view and make edits to your sheet music in our Gustaf app.
  • No need to lug around heavy books. Everything you need is available in your digital library -- even without an internet connection.

Choirs & Orchestras

Playing music together is a great feeling. However, making copies of sheet music for every choir or orchestra member can be messy and frustrating. We facilitate distributing between members of an orchestra or choir. The only thing your members need is a device to access the score. No more parts getting lost in rehearsal rooms or concert halls!


Schools & Teachers

neoScores understands the importance of educating the next generation and carrying over our love of music. That’s why Gustaf is perfect for students!

  • Our wide array of features allows a teacher to make as many edits to a score as you can imagine, from fingerings to big red circles and exclamation points.
  • Instruments can be tuned through our tuning device in the app.
  • Teachers can purchase scores, but upload their own arrangements as well.

Other target audiences and special projects

Are you working at an institution? Or do you have an idea for a project that we can be a part of? We love to hear how our technology can upgrade your event or business plan. Please reach out through the contact page so we can brainstorm with you!


Come see what Gustaf has to offer!

Want to find out what Gustaf has to offer and discover new music you can play? Have a go!

The perfect hardware for musicians

Looking for a tablet, music stand, or another accessory for the demanding digital musician? We want to make sure you can take full advantage of the Gustaf App and our digital sheet music in the Gustaf App. We get a lot of questions about what is the perfect set-up for a musician with digital sheet music, and we have experience with most commonly available iOS, Android and Windows tablets.


Get started with the hardware you need!

If you have questions about hardware you need for playing with digital sheet music, don't hesitate to reach out to us or check these frequently asked questions about Gustaf!


  • Easily accessible, the ​Gustaf Store enables publishers and content owners to start with both pdf and MusicXML. ​No need for a complete conversion of your library.
  • The Gustaf App offers perfect score rendering and interactive features allowing the musician to annotate, transpose, edit and playback​ digital sheet music.
  • The Gustaf Store combines the music sheet portfolios​of various leading publishers and content owners.
  • The interactive scores are truly ​dynamic ​and adapt perfectly to any screen. W​hile the Gustaf App is still PDF compatible, the benefits of neoScores’ engraving and conversion services are advantageous early on.
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