neoScores wants to give you
a noteworthy experience…

Meet Gustaf.

Gustaf has been our labor of love these past few months, because here at neoScores, we’re musicians and we love playing music. We wanted to create a noteworthy experience for our fellow musicians–from beginner to professional–and make it easier to buy and play interactive & digital sheet music.

Digital sheet music offers countless benefits. You can annotate, transpose, even hide parts. Plus you never have to remember to bring your paper scores with you. To enjoy those benefits even more, we rebuilt the neoScores App, improved features, gave it a whole new look and feel (with easier navigation) and last but not least, we chose a brand, new name.

And what could be a better name than Gustaf? It’s reminiscent of the great Mahler, yet appeals to lovers of all music genres.

So come meet Gustaf for yourself, search through thousands of scores (some starting at just €1) and make room for more music.

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