The digital alternative to sheet music. Done right.

Use neoScores to get rid of sheet music on paper.

Powerful yet simple web-app to manage all of your sheet music

All of your sheet music securely synced through our cloud.

Upload your own PDF’s (Please bear in mind that copyright-restrictions may apply) or MusicXML-files. Access them online AND offline. Never ever ever you have to look for a score, we will conveniently store them for you. All of them!

Annotate like on paper. In fact, do anything like on paper.

You love music, that’s why you are here, right? We get it, we are musicians too!
neoScores is NOT about technology (although we can do some kick-ass nerdy stuff with MusicXML and JavaScript! :-)), it’s about making your life as a musician easier: built-in metronome, built-in tuning fork, shareable annotations, shareable playlist, MIDI-playback, etc. We’ve got you covered!

Have a device? Good to go!

Did we mention we were nerds already? :-) neoScores works on any device, you only need a recent browser. Sounds like magic eh? Well it is! No need for expensive hardware, and you will be able to play nicely together with your musician-friends regardless of the device they have. Because, this is a story about playing music together, not about technology!

Buy sheet music. Tons of it.

Liking what you see? Well thank you! We are working very hard to get you the sheet music you love, from Bach to Beyoncé. You will be able to buy straight from within your app or on the website of the artist/composer/publishing company that you love. Shop opening soon!

What our users say

"When this goes live, it'll be like iTunes, but for sheet music! Finally!"
Hans V.
"This is great, all of my sheet music (both PDF and MusicXML) in one place!"
Matthias H.
"Wow! The way they show my music on all my devices... Amazing!"
Sarah D.

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